Tuesday Time & Energy Management Tips

This is one of my favorite tips for time management, and it isn’t easy to do.

  1. KNOWING – you need to know that you require focus time, and there is skill in this.
  2. DECIDING WHAT TIME – what is your most productive time of day? When are you sharpest (mentally) to do the work that requires your focus?
  3. ASKING FOR FOCUS TIME – for some of us, asking for anything feels like asking for a favor from people, and we aren’t all great at doing it.
  4. USING FOCUS TIME – once we accomplished 1, 2, and 3, we may sit down to work on the task and not be able to focus. UGGH, right? Be encouraged! As you develop this habit, it will become easier to switch into focus mode. In the beginning, it may be like any other new skill – AWKWARD! Stick with it, keep working the plan.
  5. EXPRESS GRATITUDE – thank yourself for providing focus time and thank your team for providing it.
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