Monday Motivation

I love today’s quote. The amazing people in my book club and I were talking about a section of Adam Grant’s book “Hidden Potential” where he talks about “group work” and the conversation spent some time on those group projects – the ones we all dread, because we may be the only one in the group who cares. What surfaced in that conversation is that life and work are – generally – group projects for most of us. In the last few years, I’ve discovered that – although I’m awesome – I prefer to work in collaboration! My ideas are better when I’m brainstorming with others. My facilitation skills go through the ROOF when I’m co-facilitating. This month, I’m working on my promotion write-up, and it is so hard for me. I have collaboration partners (mentors who advise), but that’s after I get through the arduous first draft that I’m not embarrassed by. LOL

What comes up for you around this quote?

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