Thankful Thursday: Your Gratitude Practice

This is the first gratitude post in February. How are you doing with your gratitude practice? We can sometimes put pressure on ourselves around gratitude that we need a special journal, a specific set of so many minutes carved out of every day, and a structured way of writing in order to authentically say we have a “gratitude practice.” Actually, thinking about things that cause you to feel gratitude is a practice. Your morning coffee can become a gratitude practice. Hold your cup of coffee and notice how nice it feels to have your hands warmed. Smell your coffee and enjoy the pleasant aroma with a deep inhale. Blow out all the air in your lungs, and slowly inhale again. You can use each sip of your coffee to focus on something you’re truly thankful for. THAT’s how simple a gratitude practice can be. Let me know your reaction to this post in comments below.

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