Happy New Year!

What are you hoping to create more of in 2024?

What are some things you could let go of in the coming year?

Do you have a focus word of phrase for the new year?

If you need some inspiration and ideas around goalsetting this year, I found some really good ones!

Prefer articles? Here’s a great one from HBR from just a few weeks ago. Enjoy! Use Strategic Thinking to Create the Life You Want (hbr.org)

Do you like using instructional videos? This one is AMAZING, and I got so many ideas when I watched it: 2023 Goal Setting Training | Science of People

I hope you have an amazing day today! We’ll be eating our blackeye peas and turnip greens with kielbasa and cornbread and a side of jalapenos later today. Does your family have a traditional meal for New Year’s Day? Let me know in comments.

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