Tuesday Time Management Tips: Know your values.

Know your values and post them.

What do values have to do with time management? Your values are your WHY, so any goals or priorities need to be aligned with your values. Spend some time thinking about your values. Use the Values worksheet at the brenebrown.com Dare to Lead Hub. Circle all the values that resonate with you. From your circled values, choose 20 values that are more important than the others and put a star by those. Out of those 20 values, choose your top 10 and put a check mark beside each. This is the hard part: highlight your top 3 – 5 out of that set of 10 values. This exercise takes some time, and you may want to have the results in front of you for a few days as you mull it over.

If you want to go really deep, create several statements for each of your Top 5 (or 3) values that state what the observable behaviors are for that value. If you choose Integrity as a value, a statement you could write is, “I choose to tell the truth, even if it is uncomfortable.”

I highly recommend reading Brene Brown’s book Dare To Lead. It will be featured in the book club in the month of April. If you’d like to read and discuss with others, ask to be added to the group by commenting below.

Let me know how your values exercise goes for you. If you’d like to post your values, comment below.

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