Culture Question of the Week

What training/development would best benefit your team?

Does your team need technical training? Communication improvement? Other skills? Where does your team need to focus in their career development?

Do you have any people who are new to your team? Have you thought about taking a couple hours to do a team-building workshop? This can be a great way to help people get to know each other as human beings and form a better team.

Where do you begin to find the right workshop? One idea is the Everything DiSC Workplace workshop to start team-building with your group. (You can learn more about DiSC here.) Basically, the DiSC model describes the different ways in which people prefer to communicate, from their pace to their introversion/extroversion.

Members of the team take an assessment online regarding how they communicate, their pace, and their areas of focus. On the day of the workshop, each person gets a customized report detailing the results of the assessment. The workshop helps people understand themselves first, exploring their individual reports and learning about their own communication style and preferences. Then the facilitator helps everyone get to know others on the team better. There will be a team map showing everyone’s style on the same model, and that will help everyone look at the team’s challenges and opportunities based on the diversity of communication styles represented. This puts new perspective on how the team functions and can give team members new insight on how to best communicate with each other and why that is important. Honoring the communication styles of others is a great beginning for any team or any work culture.

There are many different team-building and skill-building workshops you could choose. What does your team need? Comment below.

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