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“You don’t need a new day to start over, you only need a new mindset.” – Hazel Miro Ozbek

How you feel about Mondays and Fridays at work can be an important indicator of your level of career contentment. Do you genuinely feel oppressed having to go to work Monday morning? Do you feel like you’re leaving a prison when leaving work on Friday afternoon? Maybe a change in your mindset is in order. What if now is the time for a “do-over?”

Some people despise Mondays. They drag themselves out of bed and schlump into work, barely conscious of people around them, unless somebody else is lamenting their Monday experience. Then, they can commiserate about how short the weekend was and how they’d rather be just about anywhere BUT work. These folks might be part of the 52% of the workforce that passively disengaged, or worse. Here is a link to the article accompanying this telling image below.

In his book Do Over, author Jon Acuff talks about disengagement (and other types of positive and negative career transitions), and suggests people should internally announce a “do over” when they become dissatisfied at work. His book encourages us to be diligent in keeping a positive mindset about work, even if that means change must happen.

Are you engaged at work? Or are you just not feeling it? It is vitally important to explore this question and see what you can do to make your work experience better. Is it possible to become engaged at work? Think of self-development options, join an employee resource group, look for other positions inside the company, or make the decision to go for a job outside your current workplace. Life is too short!

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