Culture Question of the Week

Does your team decorate the office for holidays? Why or why not? Answer in comments below.

My team at work is comprised of brilliant, warm, people-focused individuals, dedicated to the Career Development of our workforce of thousands. We rarely decorate the office and participate in decorating contests, even though those are really fun, morale-building events. The team next to ours is larger, well-staffed, and they ALWAYS get into the spirit of whatever holiday is coming. They had a pot-luck on Halloween with crockpots full of comfort foods of all kinds, cauldrons of baked goodies, and warm beverages for sipping. The office was decorated from floor to ceiling with pumpkins, spider webs, and skeletons. That group is VERY generous to invite us to participate with them every time – and we do.

There may come a time when our group does the entertaining and organizing for events like this. My teammates and I are caring, fun-loving people who love to engage in celebrations. We all know this simply is not the season for us to decorate, but I’m sure that time will come. What about your team?

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