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“. . . Luck is quite predictable. If you want more luck, take more chances. Be more active. Show up more often.” – Brian Tracy

Are you having a difficult time getting the results you need at work? Do you feel like you need some good luck? Maybe one lucky break could turn things around for you, right?

HARSH TRUTH: Have the courage to look at yourself in a blatantly honest way, and assess what you’re doing and the results you’re getting. It is possible that ho-hum results are coming from ho-hum efforts (probable, really). If this is the case, what is the next step? Change something. Does that sound too simple?

You can change your mind.

You can reframe your results and change nothing about your efforts. You can realize that during this time of other pressures in life, work isn’t the top priority and your results are just fine for now. There are seasons in life when career successes take a back seat to taking care of children, caring for a sick parent or spouse, dealing with personal illness, or going through a divorce. Prioritizing your life is a big part of wellness, and there is no judgement on that. Know that you can prioritize career success later and take care of the current situation in the way you think is best. There is no need to constantly focus on and complain about your ho-hum results at work when your accomplishments elsewhere are what drive you.

OR you can change your efforts.

You can decide this mediocre situation is intolerable and not representative of your talent and abilities. You can hone your skills, learn more about your industry or how to work better with others, and make efforts to achieve more and better in your life. If you’re working for a crappy company where you can’t seem to get a break, look for other opportunities. If you are hanging around negative, unmotivated people, that may need to change. If you are the issue, if you need an attitude adjustment, training, more energy, or whatever, stop complaining and figure it out. Make a plan, and DO IT. In this situation, nothing is holding you back but YOU.

Regardless, do not continue to put forth lackluster efforts and whine about poor results. If you think you may be doing this, talk to a friend (the brutally honest one) and get their perspective. Begin building your ideal life today! Grab your bootstraps really tight and start pulling, or relax and let it all go.

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