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How do you combat stress? What helps you calm down? Answer in comments below.

Here are two simple ways to de-stress during the work day: box breathing and listening to meditation music with headphones. These are the methods I use when noise or other situations at work become too much for my nerves. For overall life stress, I practice yoga once or twice each week.

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Box Breathing Technique: this is a fantastic, easy exercise for your brain and nervous system that can calm you within seconds.
Step 1 : Inhale and take a deep breath for 4 secs. (count up to 4 while inhaling)
Step 2 : Hold the breath for 4 secs. (count up to 4 while holding)
Step 3 : Exhale completely for 4 secs (count up to 4)
Step 4 : Hold the breath for 4 secs. (count up to 4)
Repeat the process 5 – 6 times.

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