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Think of your best job EVER: what did you love about it?

I absolutely love my current job, and I intend to make it my best job ever. For the purposes of this question, I want to use a job from my past and examine what was so great about it. When I went back to school for my Master’s degree in 2003, I took a part-time job as a front desk clerk at a fitness club. My work duties included getting drinks and snacks for guests, ringing up purchases, and providing freshly washed and folded towels to them when they checked in for their workout. The major perk of that job was a free fitness club membership with free childcare for my 4 children during my shift and workouts.

I almost quit immediately. Actually, I TRIED to quit after my first day on the job. The boss told me to hang in there and work out the days I’d already committed to and see how I felt then. Day 2 was kind of better, and so was every day after that. I was in my late 30s, and all my co-workers were 19 – 29. They accepted me as a member of the team and included me in their diverse culture. I learned new slang, new music, and lots about fitness (which was the whole point). Energy was always high, and those people were super positive.

Why did I love that job? I felt welcome, included, and psychologically safe. The culture was full of energy and positivity. We had common goals, and we were all interested in creating a great experience for every guest.

What was your best job ever, and what made it great? Answer in comments below.

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